21 May 2007

Crate and Barrel's "Gaucho Chair"

Dear Crate and Barrel,

My name is Oh Susannah and I am writing you in response to something that came to my attention when your website spammed me their summer furniture collection weblink. As a lover of all things interior designy, I decided to click on the link that took me directly to your latest edition in summer lounging. The Gaucho Chair.

Now I must admit that the weblink was to your "hip and stylish" sister store, CB2; however, I feel that both stores strive for basically the same thing- quality, design-minded living.

If someone were to ask me, "What does the gaucho chair look like?", I would be left with no other response than, "If the movie Boogie Nights could throw up a chair, this would be it." I do not mean to offend this chair, or your company, really I don't, I'm just an honest person.

Speaking of honesty, I think you should be honest, too. It is my opinion that you are misleading your customers when you call this the "Gaucho Chair" for a couple of reasons:

First, gauchos are South American, and this chair says made in the USA.

Second, gauchos don't sit in chairs, they prefer the ground.

Third, gauchos are tough guys and not big into floral prints.

And fourth, no gaucho I know would spend $499 dollars on a place to park his horse riding butt.

All I am asking of you, Crate and Barrel, is to keep it real. If you want, feel free to leave me a comment and we can brainstorm new chair names together.

Oh Susannah

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